Welcome to the Friendly Spirituality blog!

I’ll be posting reflections on engaging the life of the Spirit from a Quaker perspective; all input is welcome. Thanks for reviewing some of these reflections; I appreciate any comments you might have on how any of these writings might speak to you personally.

One of the projects I’m working on is a treatment of what it means to follow Jesus; I see this as the heart of faith and practice. Some of these essays were published in the Evangelical Friend between 1989-1994; others are new essays.

Here’s an outline of the topics and essays–sure to change as I work through the essays, but it’s a starting place for now. Input is welcome; thanks so much!

Paul Anderson

Following Jesus; The Heart of Faith and Practice

Prologue: The Dedicated Life

Part I—Following Jesus

On Following Jesus
On Reviving Primitive and Apostolic Christianity
One Body, Many Parts
The Present Leadership of the Resurrected Lord
Attending, Discerning, Minding

Part II—Evangelism and Convincement

The Power of the Good News
Convincement versus Coercion
Answering ‘That of God’ in Every One
On Being Great-Commission Quakers
What Canst Thou Say?

Part III—Worship and Transformation

Transforming Worship
The Life of Devotion
Inspired Readings of the Inspired Text
On Worshiping in Spirit and In Truth
Embracing the Silence

Part IV—Ministry and Christian Service

Members of the Crew
The Double Priority
The Prepared Messenger
The Healing Work of Christ
When Tempted by Sanity

Part V—Incarnational Sacramentality

A Theology of Presence
The Character of Sacramentality
Baptism with Fire and the Holy Spirit
Eating Jesus’ Flesh and Drinking his Blood
Let Your Lives Preach!

Part VI—Peace and Social Concerns

On Peaceable Ends and Peaceable Means
The Way of Jesus
The Kingdom of God and the Sovereignty of Nations
Anything against Anyone
Social Concern and the Prince of Peace

Part VII—The Christian Vocation

A People of Vision
The Released Ministry
Plain Speaking and Living
On Planting Shade Trees
The Centrality of Christ

Epilogue: Humble Learners in the School of Christ


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